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Tuesday, January 09, 2018

What if we say that, you could get the best solutions and ideas for your dogs and
issues relating to them here at one place? A world for you with only dog-lovers around!!!
It is always cool to have a dog as our best-friend. Dogs always form an intrinsic and
important part of every dog owner’s life. Be it in tough times or happy moods, we need
someone beside us to express. Dogs would be the best choice for any person, to spend time
with, making it worthwhile. So, here we present to you “The Blog Park!”; the official blog
for iPLAY FETCH!  You could post your blog queries and share your experiences about
pooches, here at The Blog Park! Get the best dog toys in Melbourne here at iPLAY FETCH! for your
dogs, which are no more just a pet, but a member in your family.

About iPLAY FETCH! and The Blog Park:

Woah!!! iPLAY sounds like some iOs version gaming app, right? Every single thing
here in iPLAY is about dogs here and we don’t just live; we fetch it! iPLAY FETCH! has been one
of the key distributors of dog products in Melbourne. We have grown widely in the product
providing services that varies from basic requirements for dogs to ownership education of
how to own and maintain dogs.

It is true that many dog owners, inspite of their love, do not know how to train or
own a dog properly. This gives them the idea of giving it to shelters that may raise it up. A
true fact is that, you could raise the dog on your own with minimal man support. It all
requires patience and selfless affection towards the kiddo. It is all about your attitude
towards dogs. Shelters may raise the dogs as one among the many dogs they have. But,
these creatures require attention and love for a better growth and happy living. So, iPLAY FETCH! and Blog Park! is all about contents, blogs based on how to train your dogs yourselves
and products for these pets.

“Being an official platform for all dog-lovers, here we don’t give the solution. You
would get it yourself.”

We are based from Melbourne, Australia and provide our support to all the dog lovers in the
places of Canada, United States and United Kingdom.

Our instaFETCHER blog team would be happy to help you with the dogs, based on
your queries and experiences. They control and run “The Blog Park! ” where personal blogs,
events, incidents that you personally share with your dogs, could be shared.

Our products:

Apart from this, there are a wide range of products for your tail-waggers. You could
get all your dog requirements, delivered to you at doorstep with our one-stop destination for
all dog lovers. Be it getting the basic requirements meet or fashioning your pooches or
outdoor gears for your dogs, you are at the right place. iPlay Fetch provides with all type of
products, that a dog-owner may most probably require.

The products range from dog bow tie collar to fashion accessories and grooming
products for your dogs. Our doggie goodies that are available are as follows:

a) Small dog Harnesses, leads and collars.
b) Dog toys like squeaker balls, fetch toys, etc.
c) Dog grooming equipments.
d) Dog beds.
e) Dog travel products and outdoor gears.

Most companies involved with dog products would stop with this and give you the required
dog products, you are looking for. But, we have gone the extent of designing some products
for you that expresses your love for pooches and doggies. These are –

a) Printed coffee mugs, beanies and snapbacks.
b) GOT direwolf t-shirts, hoodies, shield necklaces, leather wallets, etc. for all Game of
Thrones fans, exclusively.
c) Designer wallets and pendant necklaces.
d) Printed pillows, canvas paintings and backpacks.

So, we stand out from other dog products and service providers at this point. If dogs are
which live for, it is you we work for.

We stand ourselves ahead of others in the way we see all the dogs and dog-lovers
around us. iPLAY FETCH! is just more than online dog service providers; we are a community
of people who express bounds of happiness for a simple tail-wagging. Admit it! Dogs are
animals. Pooches are an emotion.

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