What Do You Think When You See A Chained Up Dog?

Friday, September 15, 2017

By Maya

It shouldn’t happen to “man’s best friend,” but it does. Take a drive down many country roads and city streets, and you’ll see them left to spend their entire lives in “solitary confinement,” trapped at the end of a chain or in a small pen. 

Dogs are pack animals and they need and desire to have someone to look up too and follow around but being left outside on their own, out of sight and out of mind. These social animals desire a scratch behind the ears, being told "who's a good boy", a walk, companionship and to sleep in a warm bed in safety. Talking about safety, chained dogs are vulnerable to many situations, the harsh weathers, people who can be mean to them, other animals and so it goes on and being chained they cannot escape or defend themselves. 

It's not surprising that chained dogs become aggressive, bark and attack people who come near them because they haven't been socialized and they feel insecure not knowing what to do and after, the finger is pointed at the dog for being aggressive. They also end being sick because their immune system isn't strong and they lack in veterinary care. 

It's a sad reality that "man's best friend" is often treated that way. That is no way what I call a good life...want to help? Talk to your city about banning chained dogs and if you see a chained dog call the pound. 
But don't judge too quick, some dogs are tied because they are escape artists or they don't have a yard so inform yourself first if the owner is responsible.

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