5 Simple Steps To Keep Us (doggies) Safe In The Car.

Monday, September 04, 2017

You know how much we love to travel with you - but, most of the time you leave us home, cause we are car sick. But, this is not the whole truth! Dogs behave differently than a human in a car travel, which doesn’t mean they are incompatible for traveling in the car.
As a good master, you just have to put faith on our beloved pet and ensure its safety in "car time" and they are just ready to go for a long drive. Believe me; most of the dogs like me always love to spend time with masters, even in the car. Feeling the cool breeze, hearing horns, passing cars, radio music…hey - it’s adventurous! You can just follow the simplest five rules to make our journey safer.

Here, take a look:

1. Buckle Me Up
It’s the duty of a pet parent to install a harness seat belt for their dog. You can fit a harness seat belt, which is ideal for both large and small dogs. It helps to restrain the dog's movement and if you have an active pet, then try a zipline harness. A harness attachment can make the journey smooth, even if it’s a bumpy road!

2. A Comfortable Crate
Many of these sweet pets love relaxing when you are driving. A comfy crate is a good option for those pets. But, select the crate wisely considering your dog's size (give room to stand, move and stretch). Never shove your dogs into the crate but let them take the decision! If they don’t behave rudely inside the crate…then it's all set.  

3. Use Barriers
Many of us love to ride a shotgun. And many of us you will find anxious. If you are riding with anxious dogs, they have a tendency to climb on your lap. Hey! It’s not good for the safe driving. Use a seat barrier or dog travel gear so that your pets stay in the back but can interact actively with the loving masters. 

4. Check Temperature
Dogs have similar feelings for wind and temperature as humans. So, switch on your Air Conditioner when all the windows are locked. Check your pets if they are feeling uncomfortable. If, you are leaving pets inside the car for minutes/hours, make sure the temperature and air supply remain favorable. Don’t forget to double check if you are using a dog car seat covers.  You don’t want to leave them suffocating! 

5. No Peeking
We know the view from the window is great. But, it is not right to peek outside when your master is driving! Why? Cause, blowing wind can dry Dogs’ eyes. Besides, peeking outside the window can also cause eye infection, ear infection, and allergies.
So, these are the simplest rules a good pet parent can follow while traveling in a car with dogs. But, remember that we, the furry friends are not familiar with cars by birth. So, let’s start with small distance traveling and taking breaks often to make us relax.  

Follow these rules so that your pet dogs remain safe while traveling in a car and make some great moments with their beloved master.

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