Why Does Your Dog Bark and Whine all Night?

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

We just love our owners, but yeah sometimes we give them a hard time. Some of us constantly cry and whine at night keeping our owners awake. But it's not on purpose.

It's just that we don't like to be separated from you. We love to sleep in your bed or at least inside your room. Separation anxiety causes us to howl the entire night.

One of my friends barked to me that his owner used to keep him in her bed at night, but after he grew up and became too big for the bed, she kept him outside the room. It made him really sad. But as he could not communicate to his owner, he kept barking and whining.
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Once my owner also had the same problem, but I remember how he arranged a bed for me and always kept me in the room beside his bed. It made me happy and loved. So, I didn't need to bark. Instead, we used to sleep tight at night. And also, I used to give him a good morning kiss every day to show him how grateful I was.

Yeah, we are attention seekers by barking so consistently in the middle of the night. But that is not always the case.

We just feel left alone when we don't see you. We miss you like anything.

I know you are a dog owner too, and if your dog keeps you awake at night, it is most likely due to separation anxiety. 

Here are common signs that will help you to understand the this doggy feeling:

1. Excessive barking or howling especially when the owner is out of sight.
2. Destructive acts can be seen, such as scratching furniture, breaking or chewing them.
3. Less interested in eating.
4. Urinating or defecating inside your house.
5. Significant increase in salivation, drooling or panting.
6. Extreme Pacing.

In case your dog is showing such signs then maybe you need to make him feel more special. Instead of keeping him away from you at night, let him sleep near you. If not in your bed, you can give him a comfy bed of his own on the floor.

Mostly, owners who keep their dogs at the house alone get to face these symptoms more. As we always stay worried about your well-being, we bark a lot after you leave the house. So, don't keep us separated at the night-time too.

The situation can get worse if you scold your dog because of barking, as it will rather increase anxiety and distress. We canines feel connected to the world when our humans love us and care for us. So, please don't be hard on us. 
No need to worry my two-legged friend, if you show a bit more love, your dog will be just fine.

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