7 Other Reasons To Own A Dog.

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

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Source: ABC News

Walk down any residential street in the early hours or later at night and you’ll find one inescapable fact: we dogs are popular pets. In fact, an Australian Companion Animal Council (ACAC) study estimated that three million households have at least one canine member of the family.
If your family is one of these households, your dog is giving you some surprising benefits. Researchers have found that having us can significantly improve your quality of life.

We’ll show you 7 benefits that you might not have known or thought about.

1. Chatting to strangers will no longer be a challenge.
You already know how good a friend us dogs can be. What you might not have noticed is how much more you talk to other people when you’re out with us. You’re simply more likely to interact with other humans when we are with you than when you are out for a walk by yourself. If you don't believe it, try picking up numbers with a dog like YouTuber Josh Paler Lin did below (but actually walk the dog and not carry it).
Source: JoshPalerLin

2. Motivation to get active and lose some weight.
Having a dog also increases the chances you’ll go for walks and play in the park. It’s harder to skip your morning run when we, your exercise buddy are bouncing excitedly at the door with the leash in our mouth. How can you tell us you want to skip walkies today?
Source: imgarcade.com 

Evidence from the ACAC study claimed that children with dogs have a 50% lower chance of being overweight, as compared with those without. With all the running and walking involved in playing with the family dog, even in the house, maybe this isn’t so surprising after all. The video below demonstrates the health impact we can have on someone who is overweight. A story of a rescue shelter dog who helped a large man lose 63.5 kg  (140 lbs) and cure his type 2 diabetes. Very touching!
Source: Mutual Rescue

3. Still have a baby, without the difficulty of a... baby?
You might have noticed that families are smaller these days. Most people feel a need to nurture that used to be fulfilled by raising a baby or helping to take care of smaller siblings. For people without children and kids in small families, we fur babies are increasingly fulfilling the role of substitute child or sibling. A dog (or dogs) give them someone to care for and nurture with all the positive physical and mental benefits that come with doing so.
Source: Seeker

4. Enhances the mental well-being of children.
When we are with children, the kids tend to be more empathetic than others who do not have contact with us dogs. They also tend to be more popular with their schoolmates and have healthy self-esteem. These are all good things for a child’s emotional and social development, whatever the connection with their canine friend might be.

5. Create a neighbourhood pack of hoomans.
You dog owners tend to interact with other owners in your neighborhoods. This is true of most groups of people brought together by a common interest, but you guys might as well meet up several times a day, by chance or design, during walks and playtime at the park. This frequent interaction strengthens the entire community. Cheers mate!
Source: galleryhip.com

6. Improves reading skills of kids and the likelihood of rescue shelter adoption.
Some children read to us; whilst improving their reading skills. It’s great as we get attention and the child gets reading practice. Playing “teacher” with a canine pupil is fun, anyway. But not only that, shelter dogs can learn to socialise with people by the presence of children nearby. This in-turn reduces their stress levels and gives them a better chance to be adopted. Good on ya kiddos!
Source: NBC News

7. General health benefits to people.
Some researchers have noticed that dog owners tend to have shorter stays in the hospital, fewer visits to the doctor’s office, and lower levels of stress overall. Having us may also lower your risk of heart disease. If this turns out to be true over the long term, that would be a benefit similar to going on a low-salt diet. 
It’s good to know that having a dog is good for you. However, it is not a wise plan to purchase a pet with only these benefits in mind. Remember that the pooch is a living creature with its own physical and emotional needs.
Content Credit: Dr. Eloise Bright (Veterinarian)

Our question to you is, what other ways are dogs so pawsome? Let us know below in the comments. 

We'd love to see what you can add to this list!

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