You Think You Know Australian Shepherds. Are You Sure?

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

By Maya

I hear alot of people say  "Oh don't own an Australian shepherd they are too crazy and will destroy your house" Am I really that bad of a dog? I also hear a lot of people tell my owner (Brendon) "You have an Australian shepherd? Doesn't she destroy your house and don't listen?" And he always says no! Let me explain.

All dogs, big or small, old or young, fat or not, need daily exercise and mental stimulation. Some dogs like me, an Australian shepherd, will demand more than other dogs and people always buy us before even doing their own research thinking it will be okay. Well, until they realize we need a lot of exercise, and that goes for every dog breed out there. 

Did you know me and all my fellow doggy friends get bored very easily? We try our best at listening and obeying and we know that you, humans, have a very busy life with kids, family, food to make, work, school etc. but at some point, we will have enough and that's when we let our pent-up energy the best of us. After that, the finger is pointed in our face and we get yelled at, some even end up in shelters

Every dog demands at least 30 minutes of exercise per day and some like me even more! Something as simple as a walk but please consider that always walking the same block gets boring. Take us on hikes and adventures! In fact, dogs who get exercise are more willing to learn and stay calmer longer than a dog who get none to little exercise. After all, a fit dog is a happy dog! 

People need to realize we are not toys or objects. People go see a dog show and see a certain dog breed and they get one expecting it to be like the one they saw. NO! All dogs are different and that dog you saw has hours and hours of practice in him. I am a case in point. 
I am learning dock diving and do agility and I get all my energy out which results in a tired and happy me! 

So to everyone wanting to get a new furry friend, take my advice and give your dog exercise, it's one of the best things to do to your dog and creates a very special bond with them. I spend a lot of time outdoors with my owner Brendon and I love him so much and appreciate what he does for me and I know he has a busy life. I understand some days he has to take no time but it doesn't bother me because I know he will give exercise again! 

Please do research on whether a dog is the right fit in your family and if you have time for him or her and most importantly, don't go for dog you want but a dog that fits your lifestyle! 

Hope my message is clear!

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