What's The One Command That Will Keep Your Dog Safe?

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

By Little Miss Pippa

Hi everyone, I'm Pippa a Pembroke Welsh Corgi living in Melbourne, Australia. I'm just over one year old! One of the first things my pawrents taught me obedience-wise -- well after the basics of sit, laydown and stay -- was to come to them when called. They think it's really important I do that to keep me safe!
Why, you may ask? Well, when I was little I gave my pawrents a HUGE scare. It was just after I had my desex operation where my hoomans had (cruelty) kept me confined to the lounge room to prevent me from running around and damaging my stitches. Well, I got so sick of being couped up all day, so when I had the opportunity I made a dash for my favourite park down the street. Problem was, I was so set on playing in the park, I ignored my pawrents who were calling my name! Luckily, my dad could run faster than me and managed to grab me just before I made it to the main road. As you can imagine my mum was terrified. So after that, they upped my recall practice to stop me from scaring them like that ever again!
So, how did my pawrents teach me?
  • They stared out using my name followed by the recall command, "Pippa, come!".
  • I will do anything for treats, so they would hold out a treat in front of me, run backwards and say the command.
  • When I came immediately I was rewarded with lots of treats and pats.
  • They would make it FUN and would use an upbeat tone every time we practised. I'm not going to come them if I'm afraid they're going to make me do something that is no fun.
I'm still working on this. My pawrents are trying to up the anti, so that I'll come back in any circumstance! They just have to make sure they remember not to poison the recall command, by only using "Pippa, come" when it's to do something pleasant, (like have treats or play games) and not using it when I have to do something that is unpleasant... like when I have to have my nails trimmed (boo) or take a bath (the worst). 
So we're going to keep practising, because the more I do it in different conditions, the more likely I'll do it when it is needed to keep me safe!

I'm an instaFETCHER!

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