We All Make Mistakes, But Are You Doing Your Best To Fix Them?

Monday, March 13, 2017

By Daisy's bestie (Kayla)

As pet owners, we all make mistakes. I have made many as a pet owner myself. My biggest mistake I have made as a pet owner is having an overweight dog. This happens to many people, but it makes me mad that some people don't do anything about it. I am working on my dog and doing everything in my power to help her lose weight.  

She is an older dog but that doesn't stop me from trying to help her. Most people will say, "I don't have enough time." or "I have a older dog and it may hurt them." I understand that some dogs are unable to do exercise because of disabilities, diseases, etc, but some dogs don't have these problems, yet people still choose not to exercise them. 

Sometimes people say they don't have enough time. They are wrong!  I'm sure you have 5 minutes to spare out of your day to go outside and play fetch with your dog. You could even buy a treadmill and walk them on that. It's that simple! Also, if you can't take to time to exercise your dog, then have someone do it for you!  

Hire a dog walker or take them to doggy day care! Doggy day care is a great place for your dog to get exercise and have fun with other dogs! If your dog doesn't get along with other dogs, you need to take charge. Exercise is very important, it not only makes your dog healthier, but it can create a bond for you and your dog. After I started exercising Daisy, we have become closer then ever!

I am sure we have all witnessed animal neglect before. It could have been online or it could have been someone in your neighborhood. Sometimes people will try to call animal control. That could help, but maybe if the animal is just not getting enough exercise, you could step in. If you want to do something to fix that you can!

If you witness animal neglect, do something about it. Offer to take the dog for a walk. If you do that every other day, maybe even every day, the dog would get great exercise and will hopefully start feeling and looking healthier. 

You don't have to be paid either. Do it for free! Dogs health and fitness is way more important than money. I don't know about you but I would love to hang out with another dog. Not only would you get to help the dog with his or her health, but you would get to hangout with the cutie!  

I hope this can inspire you to get out there and help stop neglect! Next time you see a dog being neglected and not getting enough exercise, will you do something about it? 

I'm an instaFETCHER!

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