The Love Hate Relationship Of Having More Than One Dog.

Thursday, March 02, 2017

By Mr. Beefy

My sister Sandy the maltipoo wasn't very happy the day my parents brought me home. She had been the only dog all her life and was treated like a princess. Now she would have to deal with a bratty English Bulldog puppy who would take the attention away from her and not to mention, annoy her.

I was quite the attention hogger, but most of all I just wanted Sandy to play with me. I was full of energy. Sandy growled and pretended she would bite me anytime I went near her. She didn't seem to like me very much. I was always nice to her, and would never bite her.

Sometimes I would throw my paw at her but that's just what bulldogs do! My sister Sandy only weighed about 7 lbs. Meanwhile I weighed the same amount at 8 weeks old and would grow into a monster weighing 80 lbs. Sandy was scared of me and that's why she growled and tried to bite me when I got too close. Sandy still growls and tries to bite me to this day, but only when I play too rough with her. You heard that right, she plays with me now! 

I let her get the toy sometimes, because let's be honest I'm a strong boy and she has no chance. I guess you could say all it took was time for her to warm up to me. I warn you, older dogs are not always happy to see another dog brought into the family.

It's a lot of work and a lot of growling and noise (exactly of like two young bratty human siblings fighting all the time). If your current dog isn't good with other dogs, it's likely they won't be good with another dog coming into the home. Sandy never liked males or puppies, it was no surprise she didn't like me. 

So if you do bring in another dog, perhaps get them to meet before making the purchase, to ensure they're comfortable with each other.

I'm an instaFETCHER!

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