Teach Us How To Greet Gently.

Thursday, March 09, 2017

Does it frighten you when we jump on people? Or perhaps you just find it annoying that we jump right on top of you at every chance we get? This situation can become a serious problem if people get too scared. This could happen when we are either too friendly or extremely aggressive. Either way it's not a good thing.

There can be many problems when we jump on people. The issues can vary from dirtying, damaging clothes or traumatising and injuring people. It doesn’t matter whether we are small or big in size. A small dog that jumps on people can be equally terrifying to children as large dogs are to adults.

The basic reason of why we pooches jump on people is because we were never taught that such an attitude was not appropriate. It's just our nature to be that way. It is common among dog owners to greet our excited selves by bending down and picking us up. This encourages us to become even more excited and jump at any person which shows even the slightest sign of affection.

We are just excited and happy and here are 4 tips to help us learn:
  1. Don't greet us with excitement, it will send the wrong message.
  2. Ignore us especially if we're jumping on you, we'll calm down as you become boring.
  3. Don't push us away because we think it's a sign of you wanting to play.
  4. Watch this Zak George video below to learn more!

Our excitement to see you will never subside, but it's up to you to help us be calmer greeters.

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