Can A Husky Be Unleashed?

Thursday, March 30, 2017

By Anastasia 

I'm Anastasia your A-typical Siberian husky. I can be mischievous and tricky at times. Mom tried working on off-leash with me but I broke her trust. One day I decided to chase a couple to the other side of the lake! Huskies like me are known for not being able to be off-leash and stubborn. 

To sum it up I was never allowed to be off-leash again out of safety precautions. Mom took my best friend Khloe to a special training school to be trained off-leash along with other manners. Khloe doesn't have the personality as I do and likes to stay by mom. Khloe has a great recall which is a must in being able to be off-leash. A safe word should also be integrated into the training. 

When mom yells "treat" I come running. To be safe a gentle vibrate collar is used on Khloe that was a part of her training program. This is a great tool for dogs that have a high prey drive like me! This collar helps to keep Khloe safe and out of harms way whenever she gets sidetracked. 

Remember to know your huskies like me before letting us off-leash!

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