Dogs Give You Love. Are You Doing The Same?

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

By Maya's bestie (Brendon)

Dogs are the only living thing that will love you more than it loves himself. Dogs are not here our whole life but they make our lives whole by showing us love, affection, exercise and much more! After everything dogs do for us, some of us still manage to be bad owners. 

Why get a dog if your not gonna feed him properly? Why get a dog if your going to chain him in your yard? Why get a dog if your not gonna go on walks with him or play a simple game of fetch?  Why get a dog if you won't pay for his vet bills? Dogs know who their human owner is and after all your mistakes, he will still love as much. 

So when you get a dog, bring him with you at places and let him explore the world with you, his favourite human. If you say "Oh well I can't bring him because he is too crazy and doesn't behave" well train him, he will be more than happy to show you his awesome talent and smartness! 

Dogs have the natural instinct to be with a pack so wherever you go and it's dog friendly, bring your pooch along! He will be so happy! Cuddle with your dog, it proves to them the affection you have for them and they will appreciate it! 

Walks, it's scientifically proven that walking with your dog creates a stronger bond between you two and it's an enjoyable moment for both of you to be outdoors and exploring the world! Dogs are very smart animals and you can put it to the test by showing them awesome tricks to show some friends and family! Your pooch will be more than happy to work for you! 

Basically the whole idea behind this is that you should spend a lot of time with your dog because they love you no matter your mistakes, because let's face it, we have all done at least one mistake! A dog is probably the best living thing because compared to us, humans, they don't judge your sexual orientation, they won't judge your skin color, they won't judge your size etc. 

So be the person your dog thinks you are and go give them an extra big hug and kiss and go and conquer the world together!

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