Barking Catastrophe To Calm Walkies

Friday, February 03, 2017

By Peaches

So normally when my family are going out to places that are not the dog park, vet or a fellow friend’s house, I am left at home because they know extremely well about my barking issue when it comes to strangers. It’s unfair but I can’t help it especially since I am an extra small dog around awfully big humans and dogs, it makes me feel powerless! All you little doggos out there will understand the struggle.

Also when we do go on walks I like to be the leader, choosing where to go but that would always cause my harness to tighten around my body and not make the walk so enjoyable. But sadly after 3 years of being a pampered princess, my family had gotten help from iPLAY FETCH! to control the amount of tugging I do when walking and it actually has helped!

It made me realize that I am not the master. After only a few days of training they decided to take me out to the big city on Australia day to see the fireworks. Yes I know fireworks, the most dreadful thing to experience but I wasn’t that scared because I had my family cuddling me. Anyway the park was crowded! Even the walk from and to the car but I ignored all the humans and just stayed by my family’s side, appreciating our Australia Day celebration.

Remember, companionship is between two beings not one.

I'm an instaFETCHER!


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