Are You In Command Of The Feed?

Saturday, February 18, 2017

By Miss Koko

When I was younger my mum use to hold me back while my food bowl was placed on the ground. “Why are they holding me back?” I thought, “Just let me eat!!”. They kept asking me to wait which made no sense to me, all I wanted was to tuck into my dinner. Let’s be honest food is the best thing in the world (apart from my pawrents of course) and I just wanted it straight away! 

This went on for a couple of weeks and I slowly got used to being held back and watching my food bowl until the word “okay” was said and they let me go. In a way it makes dinner even more exciting. I started to understand what the word “wait” means but mostly because my humans would put their palm flat towards me and I knew I had to sit and be patient. 

Once they pointed their finger towards my food and said “okay” I was straight into it... yum! A great tip is for your humans to use hand signals; they are much easier to understand for us pups especially when there are so many words for us to learn too.
It didn’t take long for me to pick this trick up and I could prove to my pawrents how patient I can really be.
I will sit and wait for as long as they like because I know afterwards I get rewarded. This is a great thing all pooches should know, so if you can’t wait for your food, or if you haven’t tried, get your human to give this a read and show them how it’s done!

I am very patient with my mum and dad when it comes to food and I know that they are the leaders and they are the ones who feed me, and most importantly tell me when to eat. Another bonus to being patient is that I don’t rush when I eat because I know once I am told “okay” I can take my time to enjoy my food. This also helps with aggression, as cute as we all are we can sometimes get protective or aggressive towards anyone that comes near our food, who wants to share? Not me. 

This simple trick will reduce the risk of me snapping if someone comes to take my food off me. Because I have to wait even for treats, it’s great to know because if my food or treat gets taken off me for who knows what reason, I know I will just have to wait a few seconds until I can get it back again.

So come on fellow fur friends, start practicing and prove to your humans that you can sit and be patient!

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